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Contest Brings In Ideas to Redesign The FBI's Hoover Building

The FBI needs a new home, but right now what to do with the old one is a very hot topic. The current home, the giant concrete mass that is the J. Edgar Hoover Building, was part of a real estate competition hosted by alumni from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Teams were asked what uses ought to replace the Hoover Building, how much the site was worth, and how new development will integrate with the city. The results? The Cornell team invested heavily in office space by proposing three office buildings, some retail, a 315-room hotel and 95 condominiums. The Georgetown team decided to focus on "micro-units" with 359 small condos, 879 apartments, 672,937 square feet of offices and a 225-room hotel. And the MIT team went with 341,000 square feet of retail, 328,000 square feet of offices, 281,000 square feet of condos, 279,000 square feet of apartments and 30,000 square feet of museum space with some mico units thrown in too.
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J. Edgar Hoover Building — FBI

935 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20535