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A Mere 2,849 New Condos Available/On the Way in DC Right Now

When it comes to real estate, the words "record low," are not anyone's favorite. Today's new low relates to the condo supply. Urban Turf is reporting that we are down to just a 9.6 months of new condo inventory, down from a 12-month supply of new condos on the market in January. The end is nigh? Panic? Well we've still got 2,849 new condo units under construction or being marketed, so don't go hoarding them like water and batteries in a hurricane just yet. We're just pretty far off from building book times like 2007, when there were nearly 20,000 new condos on the market.
· 9.6 Months: New Condo Supply in DC Area Hits Record Low [Urban Turf]