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Awful Peeping Tom Landlord Caught By Cosmo Mag Reader

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A Chevy Chase landlord is facing 18 months in jail after taping three of his female tenants having sex with their boyfriends. If you have ever rented from Dennis Alan Van Dusen, we apologize for brining you skeez feelings so early in the am. Dusen is actually a lawyer (who claims to have a degree from Harvard University) who advertised below market value rents on Craig's List. Which is to say $600 a month to live in a two-story, $1 million home is a red flag! Avoid. But maybe renew your subscription to Cosmopolitan magazine, because those journalistas finally wrote something useful.

The [hidden camera] device was discovered around midnight Oct. 13 by a 25-year-old woman who had read a Cosmopolitan magazine article about Peeping Toms using new technology to secretly record their targets. · Chevy Chase lawyer pleads to 'Peeping Tom' charges [The Examiner]