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New McMillan Park Design Fails To Win Over Some Neighbors

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Designers of the new McMillan Park already changed it from 3.4-acre park at the center of the site to a 6.2-acre park at the southern edge. But that wasn't enough to win over the public.

"The basic objections still stand," says John Salatti of the Bloomingdale Civic Association. "Yes, there have been a lot of changes, and the pictures are prettier, but the changes don't actually address any of the concerns we discussed last year."And so it looks like things are going to drag out. Current objections are targeted at the taller buildings and the fact that not all the park space will be usable by the public. The in current design, views will be lost from the Stronghold neighborhood to Howard University and the National Cathedral.
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Mcmillan Sand Filtration Site

North Capitol Street and Michigan Avenue, Washington D.C.,