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DC's Permit-Issuing Ways Ensure There's Nowhere To Park

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Stop it with the building permits already DC! As one irate Washington Business Journal reader writes*, ""There is no where to park!!!" Well it looks like things are about to get worse, thanks to this horrendous asphalt-gobbling construction boom. Here's what got approved to take up perfectly good space your Subaru could have used on April 5:

· 3205 Georgia Ave: a 31-unit apartment building.
· 2009 Columbia Road NW: a three-story Kalorama home will be converted to 7 condos.
· 1611 Benning Road NE: A Church is getting a 12,271-square-foot, two-story addition.
· 1437 Clifton St. NW: The Studio Theatre will renovate its existing three-story boardinghouse and change the use to dormitory. The work will include a vertical addition.
· 389 Rhode Island Ave. NW:A building is being converted into an apartment house.
· 1020 19th St. NW: The former home of Java Green will be a new coffee house.
· 4413 Sheriff Road NE: A construction permit was issued for a newsingle-family home.
Irate WBJ lady suggests that we just suspend all the permits. It does not appear the WBJ is officially supporting the platform at this time. Their office must come with garage parking.
*Five times, actually.
In permits, new apartments and flats are everywhere [WBJ]