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Trump Talks A Hyperbolic Game On Converting The Old Post Office to A Hotel

[The Trump Organization]

At a real estate conference this morning, professional toupee-wearer weird comb-over grower Donald Trump was all jazzed about converting DC's post office into a fancy hotel. How fancy you ask? The Donald said that it would be "a home run," "unrivaled," and "incredible." He promises a renovated atrium, presidential suites, and "fancier" retail. At one point he seemed to hint that might mean Tiffany & Co. would join the mix. With that bit if breaking news all broken, the conference went on to address unusual hair styles, Ivanka's time with daughter Arabella Kushner, and that time Trump for filed for bankruptcy. ("I never went bankrupt," Trump shot back at the moderator). The hotel is supposed to open in 2015.
· Donald Trump Talks D.C. Hotels, Washington Post, Hair [Washington City Paper]

Old Post Office

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