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Discussing Desire For Dunkin' Donuts And Other Lowbrow Chains DC Nabes Would Love to Have

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Last Friday, the Chipotle-loving Prince of Petworth blog posed the question,

"if you were to have ONE chain represented in your neighborhood — which chain would you most like to have?" More than 190 responses later, we're wondering if the results surprise you, too? We would have guessed that mascot chain-wise, everyone wants a Whole Foods? Isn't that good for property values? Well screw that when you can have glazed doughnuts, cheap wine, gas stations, or roast beef sandwiches. Readers picked more lowbrow (Dunkin', In-N-Out,Target, Chick-fil-A, Arby's, Wawa) than highbrow (Paul, Chop't, Apple Store).
· Friday Question of the Day – If You Were to Have ONE Chain Store in Your Neighborhood – Who Would You Want? [Prince of Petworth]