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Anticipated Spring Openings; Insider Tour of Annandale

This week's top dish from Eater DC, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog...

SPRING PREVIEWINGMore than 20 major restaurants are planning to open sometime this spring. Here's the rundown, including Le Diplomate, Red Hen, Ghibellina and more.

ANNANDALE— Intimidated by all the choices for Korean fare in Annandale? Mandu's Danny Lee is here to help, with his own personal guide to the neighborhood.

EATER MAPS— The Eater Heatmap has been updated, with hot new additions such as Daikaya and Barmini.

DOWNTOWNNewton's Noodles, the Asian fast casual concept from Newton's Table's Dennis Friedman, is shooting for a mid-June opening.

EATER MAPSThese are the bars that Eater readers say treat their regulars the best.

GEORGETOWNFabio Trabocchi hopes to open his Fiola Mare restaurant on the Georgetown Waterfront by year's end.

DUNN LORING— The BlackFinn opening over at the Dunn Loring metro in Vienna will be only the second of the chain's Ameripub concepts in the country.

ALEXANDRIABrabo sommelier Matt Carroll shares the stories behind his numerous tattoos.

ODD JOBS— So what does a tea sommelier do, anyway? Plenty, actually. Here's a profile of the man behind Blue Duck Tavern's tea cellar.