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U Street Penthouse With Glass Bridge Asks $849,000

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Having a sky bridge a la Star Trek is a pretty cool feature to have in a condo because it's not something seen everyday. This three bedroom duplex penthouse is on the market for $849,000 and sits right in the thick of the U Street shenanigans. The floor plan is open. The kitchen is gourmet. And the baths are billed as "spa-like". But it's the loft-like design elements that will really wow a potential buyer, especially the eye-catching staircase and sky bridge. Despite being in one of the DMV's hottest hoods, if the buyer isn't into the nabe's bar hopping and music scenes, he (or she) can always escape to the private roof terrace to remain above the hoi polloi fray. · Listing: 1210 V St NW [Zillow]