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Curbed DC Is Looking For A Contributor

That drumbeat you hear? It's the Curbed call for a local writer to join the merry band of real estate-obsessed folks who cover what's going on in our city. Do you drive by an empty lot and immediately wonder what the developers are planning to put there? Are you happy when spring comes around because there's so many new houses on the market to check out? Then why not apply to write for Curbed. We're looking for freelance writers to share their obsession for all things related to development. To apply contact Send us a few paragraphs about yourself and why you're interested in the gig (not required, but if you've got a blog and/or a Twitter and/or a Tumblr and/or a Pinterest board, send along the links to those, too). Alas, if you're a real estate agent or a public relations guru for companies we might write about we can't use your fine services.