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Welcome To Curbed University 2013

Last year around this time we kicked off our sidebar content called Curbed University with some basic posts about the ins and outs of buying or renting a home. So we're starting March once more with a focus on how to find a legit place to live. Below we have a look back at some of the posts we ran last year but this year instead of spending a week on the subject we're going to revisit it throughout the month. Coming at you over the next few weeks is information about how much money you need to buy a house, the pros and cons of short sales and flipping houses, brokers commissions, historic preservation pitfalls, and more. We're also going to have experts drop in to answer questions in live open threads on Fridays. So you know what that means. We need your questions. Got something on your mind about buying, renting, selling or something else to do with the roof over your head? Send your questions to our tipline or drop by on Friday around lunch to ask your question live.

Looking back to some of last year's topics:

· The Least You Need To Know About Mortgages
· Here Are Some Laws About Landlords You Might Not Know
· What You Need To Know If You Are Going To Rent In DC
· More Information About Renting In The District
· The Finer Points Of A Rental Security Deposit
· How To Tell Whether Or Not A House Is Going To Be A Money Pit
· What Is MRIS And How Does It Impact My Housing Search?
· Why Is It So Hard To Find An Appraiser?
· When Is It A Good Idea To Stage A House?
· Get Out Of Your Own Way Once You Decide To Sell Your House
· What Does The Contract Mean By "Broom Clean"?