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Barney Circle Meeting Brings The Townies And Their Questions

The recap for the public meeting over the 80-84 unit apartment building proposed for the used car lot at 1550 Pennsylvania Ave is now online and most of the discussion focused on what to do about the traffic and parking spaces. The building will likely have slightly fewer parking spaces because of space constraints (31 instead of 42) so residents of the neighborhood are concerned that street parking will fill up as a result. Developers seemed to think that since it is so close to Potomac Avenue Metro and a bikeshare and carsharing option will be nearby that most residents of the new building won't have cars. Also at the meeting architect Eric Colbert shared the above sketches that show the elevation and basic layout of the units. It almost looks like a flatiron shape at the tip, but since it only fronts the length of one block maybe it is more like a pair of pants on their way to becoming cutoffs.

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