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Boundary Heights Open House; New Real Estate Search Engine

FLORIDA AVE—This weekend is the first open house for the model units at Boundary Heights. The building has eight units total and prices start in the $600,000s with move-ins to begin in April. []

ONLINE—There's a new house searching tool to add to the mix. The photo-driven site has just launched that lets buyers, sellers, and brokers to search and post properties for free. [CurbedInbox;OfficialSite]

ONLINE—Speaking of search engines, the local MLS has rebranded their web address to instead of its original name Makes the alphabet soup a little easier for clients who don't know that MRIS is the name of the MLS, which is the company that manages all the public real estate records (that's where places like Zillow and Redfin get their data from). [OfficialSite; MRIS Blog]

Boundary Heights