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Here's To The Next Chapter Of Curbed DC

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After a little over two years and 4,500 blog posts it's time for me to move on. What a ride it has been. We've covered everything from the Evermay estate changing hands to a mansion-sized replica of the White House going on the market to how the right architecture can make life easier for deaf people. I started this gig just as the city was gaining momentum after the housing bust and now there aren't enough homes on the market for all the buyers who want them. Dozens more cranes dot the skyline, permit applications are strong, agents are going to extreme measures to get listings, and I feel I can't leave without writing the words boutique condos going in a converted row house just one last time. It couldn't have happened without all of you, the readers, who wrote in with tips and story ideas about what was going on where you live. You are the very lifeblood of what keeps the Curbed sites going strong, so keep it up as a new editor comes on board. Hearing all your stories and getting an insider's perspective on the buildings in the place where I grew up has been nothing short of a privilege. Thanks.

Best wishes,


p.s. I've just resurrected my hibernating Twitter account so head over to @ardobson for occasional musings.