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What Are The Weirdest Street Names Of The DMV?

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We've already mentioned a house on Unicorn Lane, but DC has some other street names that always make newcomers laugh. There's Quackenbos Street up near Fort Totten and Croissant Place in Southeast. Or Huidekoper Place in Northwest. Then there's the depressing Urn Lane in Capitol Heights. Or in Virginia there's a Chinquapin Road and the calvary-esque Mozart Brigade Lane. Then there are the names that have some sort of appropriate meaning. Where else besides tonied McLean, Virgina is a Wasp Lane appropriate? Or Georgetown's Olive Street where Julia Child and Ina Garten—both masters of French cuisine—both lived at separate times. Also in Georgetown is Dent Place—a street so tight for parking that fender benders are common. Got one we missed, please add it to the comments (though, the best one has got to be all the way in Pennsylvania, where Midget Camp Road is a real place).