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Self Expression Leaves A Lot To Be Desired Near NoMa

Just a half a block west of North Capitol Street near the littoral zone that is NoMa is this
rowhouse that captures the spirit of the neighborhood. Lots of potential mixed with a fierce commitment to individuality makes this a perfect fit for the nabe. The house needs major work, but for only $299,000 that is to be expected. It used to be divided into two one-bedroom units but now it can be anything your heart desires. And the graffitied interior is just part of the charm. It is roughly 1,636 square feet with two bedrooms, two baths, two sort-of kitchens, and a lot of peeling paint. Despite the state of the place it isn't being represented by some fly-by-night real estate agent. The guy who has this listing also has one of DC's most expensive homes on the market over at 3101 Chain Bridge Road. There's only about $15.5M difference between the two prices.

· Listing: 30 Hanover Street [Redfin]
· Listing: 3101 Chain Bridge Road [BrianLogan]