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Here, Now A Petition To Paint The Capitol Building The Colors Of The Gay Pride Flag

You may have heard about the person who painted the house directly across from Westboro Baptist Church in rainbow colors to promote the message of equality. But that's just one church in one state. What about the entire country? asked the staff at real estate search engine Estately. That led them to create a petition for the White House asking that the Capitol Building's exterior, the offices of the legislators, and the carpets of the House and Senate floors be repainted in rainbow flag style to 'provide a clear reminder' of the movement. The petition needs 100,000 signatures by April 20th, so it will still be around after next week's two different hearings on the gay marriage debate by the Supreme Court. Click through for the full text from the petition.

Text from the petition to paint the Capitol Building:

Since not every congressional representative has a gay son to personally remind him/her that marriage equality is a basic human right it is deemed necessary to paint the U.S. Capitol Building the colors of the gay pride flag. For those who find it easy to ignore the LGBT community's quest for the same basic rights has heterosexuals, this blast of color would provide a clear reminder of the injustice millions experience in this country. To save costs, the interior of the Capitol dome could remain the same, but the Capitol's exterior, the offices of all legislators, and the carpets of both the House and Senate floors will be converted to match the gay pride flag. Only when marriage equality is the law of the land in all 50 states may the Capitol be returned to its original color. · Petition: Paint The U.S. Capitol Building Like The Gay Pride Flag For Marriage Equality [Estately]
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