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Revisiting The Ten Least Expensive Properties In Dupont

Every single one of the homes on our list from last year have sold. The good news for buyers is that most of them sold for at or below their asking prices. That's not what one would expect for such a hot nabe. But all of them sold. Not one Least Expensive was left standing when the dust cleared. One listing that's so small it could only be described as a "pied-a-terre" went for less than $200K. Yes, a Dupont unit sold for what some Washingtonians consider pocket change. But it was uber-small to begin with that some might even call it a trendy micro-unit.

10. 1545 18th St
Asking Price: $334,500
Square Feet: 627
Price Per Square Foot: $533
The Lowdown: We begin this week's list with a 1 bedroom condo highlighting its location, "very pet-friendly" qualities (as opposed to just regular pet-friendly qualities), and a price reduction of $15,000. The building has 24/7 front desk service, a roof top, and easy access to Dupont amenities.
Update: This listing sold below ask for $322,000.

9. 1601 18th St
Asking Price: $325,000
Square Feet: 658
Price Per Square Foot: $494
The Lowdown: We couldn't say it better ourselves: "Location, location, location!" The 1 bedroom condo hit the market less than a week ago, has a nearly perfect Walk Score (95 out of 100), and touts "Ft. Knox security". And if you still need a spot for the 4th of July to watch the fireworks, check out the building's rooftop.
Update: This one sold. And for a good bit more than $325,000. The closing was $412,500.

8. 1705 P St
Asking Price: $309,000
Square Feet: 539
Price Per Square Foot: $573
The Lowdown: A 2nd floor, 1 bedroom, 1 bath condo is on the market and convenience is its selling point. Located minutes away from many hot spots in Dupont and Logan, the sunny space has reduced its ask by $10,000 and has separate living and dining areas. That's right: You can sit in one place and eat in another. Plus, secure parking is available for an additional fee.
Update: Back in August, this was bought on the cheap for only $280,000.

7. 1318 22nd St
Asking Price: $295,000
Square Feet: 439
Price Per Square Foot: $672
The Lowdown: This is a "rarely-available efficiency" located on Dupont's west side. In a building with less than 35 other units, the condo has a low $251 HOA and parking is available for $150/monthly. And if you like summer sunshine, this place has "loads of natural light".
Update: For $60,000 below the ask, some buyer scooped this up last December.

6. 1718 Corcoran St
Asking Price: $289,000
Square Feet: 482
Price Per Square Foot: $600
The Lowdown: On the market for under 2 weeks, this 1 bedroom, 1 bath condo is across from Safeway so groceries should never be a hassle. Featuring recent updates to its interior, the unit has tile floors and exposed brick walls. HOA is $452/monthly and includes utilities.
Update: Again, this property closed below its ask for $260,000.

5. 1701 16th St
Asking Price: $274,500
Square Feet: 667
Price Per Square Foot: $412
The Lowdown: The Chastleton. Just saying that makes us imagine Old World aristocracy. But that aside, this 1 bedroom co-op has been on the market for well over a year with other units in the building also on the market. Reduced from $299,000, the unit is bright and open. Just budget for the $709/monthly fees.
Update: The ever-popular Chastleton closed for $257,000.

4. 1625 S St
Asking Price: $255,000
Square Feet: 378
Price Per Square Foot: $675
The Lowdown: Sitting on the market for nearly 4 months, this studio in a boutique building is ready to find the right buyer. Located in a pet-friendly building, the unit has a balcony, high ceilings, but unfortunately, not-so-great listing pics. And yeah, this was profiled for our U Street post a few weeks ago. Clearly, it's still hanging around.
Update: Drop it like it's hot. Or just drop it $40,000. Because the close price was $215,000.

3. 1723 Q St
Asking Price: $249,000
Square Feet: 478
Price Per Square Foot: $521
The Lowdown: This guy is new to the market, and he is showing off. The junior 1 bedroom has exposed ceiling beams, brick walls, built-ins, and a cool, mod interior. It's on a "quiet, tree-lined street" but still close to all the action. Best of both worlds.
Update: Right on target. This one closed in September for its ask.

2. 1 Scott Cir
Asking Price: $219,000
Square Feet: 494
Price Per Square Foot: $443
The Lowdown: This is certainly the best-priced unit for sale in the General Scott. But the listing goes a bit further and proclaims it's also the best-priced one "in the whole area". Regardless, the 1 bedroom, 1 bath condo had its ask reduced by $10,000. And it's got a "real bedroom". No fakes here.
Update: Again, when the price is right, the buyers will respond. This one bedroom closed for $219,000.

1. 1727 Massachusetts Ave
Asking Price: $210,000
Square Feet: 333
Price Per Square Foot: $631
The Lowdown: For this week's least expensive Least Expensive, we're keeping it fancy in Dupont with this "perfect pied-a-terre". The studio condo is in a building with 24-hour desk service and a rooftop deck only a few blocks from the Metro. And if you like having everything included in one payment, condo fees cover utilities. Cheers to that.
Update: Rarely do we see something with a "1" in front, but for this unit, the final close was $185,000.