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In Time For Baseball Season, A Nats-Themed Bathroom

[Case Design]

Over in Bethesda some die-hard Nats fans decided they couldn't go another day without paying homage to their favorite team and, naturally, remodeled their bathroom to demonstrate their passion. Broken bats from the stadium (including one that had been used during a game) adorn the walls, the tile floor has a mock home plate in front of the sink surrounded by grass-colored tile, and the shower walls have a map of the stadium and the oversized curly W just to wake up those showering in the early morning. Case Design was behind the project and the 5' x 8 ' bathroom cost about 20-25% more than a regular bathroom would have (the tile was challenging, for example, because of the different thicknesses). But, hey, true fans will stop at nothing.

· Case Design [Official Site]