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Massive Empty Bethesda Mansion Has No Room For Squatters And Their Creative Excuses

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Squatting in a multi-million dollar empty house is so old school. Much better is to claim you own the land it was built on because you're a member of the Moorish Nation and therefore have a right to the land. That's what a man did for this home in Bethesda which resulted not in him getting the keys to the house, but in getting arrested for trespassing. This same house has been on the market for years and has had four million chopped off its price. Considering it is a whopping 35,000 square feet with 12 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, an elevator, indoor and outdoor pool, an impressive tennis court and a freakin' beauty parlor you can see why someone would want to move in for free.

· Bethesda realtor: Mansion break-in 'bizarre story' [WaPo]
· Since Entering the Market Manse Has Cut Over $3M From Ask [CDC]