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Art Collector's Museum-esque Estate Comes To Market

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The late George Andreas was an art collector of everything from works by Calder to Miró and Rodin and he kept a large part of his collection on display in this 12,000 square foot home in The Plains, Virginia. His wife Ursula is selling the estate for $21M now that she wants to be closer to her family. The lengthy list of design features this property has includes: 12 French doors that open onto a loggia, a pool, 10 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, and 61 acres of grounds with formal gardens. The house is named The Fidelio after Beethoven's opera (like we didn't know that already, jeez) and glancing through the photos it is clear this is the kind of house to display art. Most of the walls still have pieces from the Andreas' collection so click through the photos to catch glimpses of the masterpieces. Major props to anyone who can identify the artists.

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The Fidelio

, The Plains, VA 20198