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That Ultra-Fancy Houseboat Is Back On The Market

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After a year of hibernating from the listing service this 2 bed, 2 bath, 75'x16' houseboat is back on the market. And if you wanted a houseboat with a hot tub on its roof you would be almost there with this baby since it is pre-wired for just such a luxury. But without the hot tub the roof deck is big enough to host a large party. Indoors (nay, below deck) is a large kitchen with seating area and living room. There's a walk-in closet, small office-y room, and some high-tech mechanics under the bed to create easy access storage space. The boat hasn't changed its asking price—still $324,900 with those marina fees of $1,400/month—but the waterfront views haven't changed a bit either.

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The Gangplank Marina

600 Water Street SW , Washington, DC 20024