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What To Do With The Land Surrounding Metro Stations

The land surrounding Metro stations is some of the most precious that can be had and their in-house real estate chief has seen the economic potential of leasing out these underutilized acres to developers. High-rise apartment and office buildings could take the place of these space-guzzling surface parking lots all while generating cash for Metro's bottom line. There are eleven such Metro stations that have been selected for closer review—four in DC, four in Maryland, and three in Virginia. Inside the District the stations at Brookland, Fort Totten, Anacostia, and a small utility plant near the station by Nationals Park are the ones up for discussion. All the ones on that list are in areas prime for development—with a Walmart coming to Fort Totten, Barry Farm housing development for Anacostia, the meteoric growth Nationals Park has seen in the past few years, and the Brookland/CUA stop has that huge Monroe Street Market in the works. The developer's mantra that density begets density is coming true.

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