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Somebody Holds Up Progress At The Aston On 14th (Updated)

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The brand new Aston building that announced selling its last unit just yesterday has had some issues getting cable/internet service to the building. A reader who moved into the building in January writes in to say:

Our provider, Comcast, is not able to set us up as they need access to a manhole outside of the building, which Verizon apparently owns the rights to. Verizon is "dragging their feet" in regards to letting Comcast gain access to the manhole for the supposedly ten-minute procedure. As a result, residents have been living since January in a new state-of-the-art building with no television or high speed internet. Calls to our DC Councilmember, DC Government, etc. have been unsuccessful. According to everyone pushing on this issue (the developer, property manager, residents), the fault lies in Verizon. Curbed has reached out to Verizon and we'll update if we hear anything back. The tipster also hears there has been a delay in some settlements in other nearby by buildings, such as the Northern Exchange right across the street. Does anyone out there have information to confirm the rumor? Please get in touch.

Update: Verizon responded promptly to Curbed with the following statement:

Verizon built conduit to the Aston building on 14th & R Streets, N.W., in November of 2012. At the time of this construction, Comcast was told to apply for the conduit. To date, Comcast still has not furnished an application or made payment for the conduit, which is necessary for Verizon to proceed and provide access. We can and will move forward on this request once Comcast meets its obligations. Then, this afternoon, two readers who live in The Aston wrote in to say they had received an email indicating Comcast would begin work on the problem this Monday and residents should expect service to be up and running within 7-10 days.

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