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Co-op Studio Between Dupont And Logan For $235,000

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In the market for some new digs, but don't have a sky-high budget? Join the club—The Under 300K Club.

Like a unicorn sighting or the Redskins going to the Super Bowl this decade, a listing hits the market that many never expected. Going for $235,000 is a co-op studio smack dab where everything goes down. The studio is in Copley Plaza on 17th and Church Streets near Dupont and Logan Circles. The downsides to this place? Well, it's a 484 square foot studio so it's great for starting out but not for those who want elbow room. And the monthly fees run $359 per month (those fees cover taxes, utilities, and internet). But the upsides? Location, location, location.

Listing: 1514 17th St NW [Redfin]

Copley Plaza

1514 17th Street, Washington D.C., DC 20036