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What It Is Actually Like To Live With A Bunch Of Artists

What if a bunch of bohemian souls all lived together because they wanted to and decided to film it because they wanted to? Not because they thought it would lead to fame and fortune on a reality show, but because they thought it would be fun. The congregation at Sherman House consists of more than a few free-spirited souls who filmed their live together in 2010 and now the hours of footage have been edited down to ten episodes with story lines and confessional interludes just like any reality show worth its salt. There is comedy. There is drama. There are archetypes—the cute one, the troubled one, the one most likely to get in a fight—and there are a boatload of odd camera angles. The series kicks off with a premiere event at The Wonderland Ballroom Wednesday, February 13, 2013 from 8:30pm to 1:00am, but you can see the trailer after the jump. Click through for a TMI adventure.

· The Sherman House Webisodes Premiere Event [Facebook via ThePinkLineProject]
· Wonderland Ballroom [Official Site]