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New Website Ranks Buildings And Lists Available Units

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Rentenna is a new player in the rental game that has entered the ballpark for Washington D.C. market and it has a few tricks up its sleeve (our brethren at Curbed New York mentioned it when the site launched there in 2011). The first is its secret algorithm that ranks buildings based on how likely a renter would want to live there. The second is that it lists the actual units that are available instead of just giving a starting price and a link with the depressing phrase check for availability. Now a renter can find out the price and pictures without getting sucked into the vortex of being contacted by someone within 24 hours. They also have the option of creating pinboards so viewers can collect the apartments they want to keep an eye on, perhaps while they wait out their lease in hopes of finding a better place to live once they're released from the clutches of their landlord.

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