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Follow The Back And Forth Over 5333 Connecticut Ave

One piece of good news for the hundreds of neighbors opposed to the building planned for 5333 Connecticut Ave is that the politicians have taken notice. There's not a lot they can do to block it (since the developers gained approval 22 years ago everything is in place for them to go ahead), but Ward 5 Councilmember Mary Cheh now has a page on her website dedicated to the ongoing community comments about the project. There are two DC Council Oversight Hearings coming up that have the development on their agenda. One is tomorrow, March 1st and the other is Monday, March 4th. They are open to the public but if you want to share your opinion in front of the council you have to register: contact Ms. Aukima Benjamin, Committee onTransportation and the Environment at 724-8062 or e-mail:

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5333 Connecticut Avenue

5333 Connecticut Avenue NW , Washington , DC