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The Three Possible Plans For Parcel 42 In Shaw

Photos of Parcel 42 and the site's plans are from EastShawDC.

The collection of cranes in Shaw may get a new addition. The lot at the intersection of 7th and R Streets is down to the final three development plans. By March 22, the three finalists—Baywood Hotels and Dantes Partners, Neighborhood Development Corporation, and TenSquare Group and Chapman Development—will submit their best and final offers (BFAOs) and the winner will be announced in April. Each of the proposals includes residential units, though Baywood's plan has a 100+ room hotel with some residential units included. We reported a few months ago the site could be the location for a new Marriott, but there's a few more options in the mix. The residential portion of each project is explained in the captions for each proposal's rendering (above) and a few more details about retail possibilities are after the jump.

All the proposals also include retail to keep the nabe's street lively. Baywood already has the Milk & Honey Market tenant lined up, which provides items "from artisanal baked goods to essential groceries". The Neighborhood Development Group has local chain Yes! Organic Market ready to roll into its retail space. TenSquare Group and Chapman Development didn't indicate any retail that's ready to move into the proposed project. No matter which one is selected, these proposals will bring more life and feet to a neighborhood that is growing by leaps and bounds.

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