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Architect Bjarke Ingels Tapped To Spruce Up National Mall

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One of the most innovative architects working in the world today is the Danish born Bjarke Ingels. He is behind other high profile projects like an arrow-shaped building on West 57th Street in New York, and he wants to tear a building apart in Florida, but the latest assignment he has taken on is right here in the Nation's Capitol. He won a $2.4 million contract to spend eight to twelve months coming up with a master plan to make The Mall have a more cohesive design.

For someone with as many modern designs under his belt as Ingels he is an interesting choice for a place mostly dominated by classically designed buildings. To learn more about his philosophy we have two of his talks after the jump. The first is a quickie TED talk and the second is his keynote talk at the National Building Museum in 2011.

Bjarke Ingels " 3 warp-speed architecture tales" [TED talk]

Bjarke Ingels talk at the National Building Museum in 2011

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