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Local Antiques Specialist Makes This Lady's Year

On tonight's new episode of Antiques Roadshow a local antique guru from Georgetown's Bonham's brings joy to one women in Myrtle Beach. She has a signed letter from Abraham Lincoln that was written a month after he received the nomination for president. This unsuspecting owner had been told it was worth a few hundred dollars but since it is one of the few letters Lincoln wrote during that time it is worth mucho moola and the Bonham's appraiser, Martin Gammon, is only too happy to tell her how much. He pulls that Roadshow maneouver where he delivers a few anecdotes about what most Lincoln documents get at auction—between five and ten thousand dollars—but then stretches out the rationale why this would get more as the woman holds her breath. Just as she's about to exhale he lands the final, eye-popping number. How much more? If you can't wait until the show's premiere tonight at 8pm, the full clip is after the jump.

Watch Appraisal: 1860 Abraham Lincoln Signed Letter on PBS. See more from Antiques Roadshow.

· Antiques Road Show: Monday, February 25, at 8/7C [PBS via DISH]