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Rivercrest Mansion Tries Another Sales Approach

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Getting featured in the Wall Street Journal didn't work. And offering a game of sales price roulette didn't work. So now the sellers are resorting to trying to unload this waterfront pile via auction. The 7 bed, 11 bath home has been listed for ages at $12.5M with not much action, but come March 21st at 11 am there just might be a crowd fighting to bid on the place. It is over 16,000 square feet and has an elevator that accesses all four levels with one side made of glass so visitors don't have to be denied the waterfront views while they go from one floor to another. There's an indoor pool in the basement, a master bedroom with a marble fireplace, a bunch of other bedrooms with en suite baths, and ornate ironwork in several different rooms. But is it worth $12.5M? March 21st is the day to find out.

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