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Floorplans And Prices Released For Kennedy Row

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Capitol Hill's newest apartment building will open up leasing on March 1st, but they've just released the floorplans and prices for the 142 units today. Kennedy Row took its time gaining approval (and deciding it wasn't going to have ground floor retail) but now the day is here for the public to get a first glimpse of what it is going on inside. We've pasted some of the floorplans here, but there are a bunch more on their website. We also have the full price list after the jump. The smallest units are studios that are all under 500 square feet; they range in price from $1670 to $1880. Then the prices go up to $2675 for a two bed/two bath.

· Kennedy Row [Official Site]
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Kennedy Row

1729 EAST CAPITOL ST SE, Washington, DC 20003