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Capitol Hill Luxury. Stained Glass (and Urinal) Are Lagniappe

Houses in Capitol Hill usually skeedaddle off the market faster than we can keep up with but we caught this one just in time. The three bed, three bath is filled with light, hardwood floors, an upgraded kitchen with an in-island sink, not to mention the stained glass and solitary urinal that fulfill the criteria for Capitol Hill's charming grittiness. Asking $878,500 it just went on the market this week and the sellers have let their sense of humor shine through. Is that eight artfully placed rubber duckies we spy peeking out from the shelves? Then they one-upped the rubber duckie move and went literary with the description. Invoking everyone from Patrick O'Brian to the Greek Gods, they say:

Martha Stewart must've married a marine; she brought the brush, he the muscle. They consulted the sun on exact placement of healing light; steadily northern, but behaving differently moment to moment, never the same house twice..You are Master and Commander of Flagship Victorian filled with beauty and brains, quiet thunder, placid rolling waves. Zeus must've married Nefertiti, Athena rents below. · Listing: 200 10th St [Estately]