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Historic Coach House, Neighbor to Ben Bradlee & Sally Quinn, Sells Under Asking Price

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A luxury Georgetown home dripping with history has found a buyer after about six months of hanging around the market. The names that have crossed this threshold begin with a tobacco warehouse owner named John Laird who had the house built in 1799, almost a hundred years later the law partner of Francis Scott Key lived there, then in 1915 the oldest son of Abe Lincoln bought the place. He sold it to a granddaughter of J.P. Morgan who then divided the property so the coach house was a separate deed from the main house on the estate. That main house belongs to Ben Bradlee and Sally Quinn, former Washington Post royalty and avid party-throwers, who might want to borrow the coach house's ballroom for an event or two. Yes, the term 'coach house' gives the impression that it is small, but 8,094 square feet is certainly enough room to spread out. Another fun fact is that the garden has one of only four remaining stones marking the original Georgetown boundary. The Laird-Dunlop house was originally listed for $8.995M in the summer of 2012 but sold recently for $7.6M to an unnamed buyer.

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