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Search Zillow Rentals On iPads; Energy House Opens To Public

ALEXANDRIA—This year's Energy House will be open March 9th and 10th from Noon to 4 pm. RSVP here to be able to tour the home and learn how they drastically cut energy costs. [CurbedInbox]

MARYLAND—The Bozzuto Group (the development company behind projects like Grayson Flats and Cathedral Commons announced some shifts in their leadership team that show their confidence in a growing market. They created a new position of President, that will be filled by Toby Bozzuto (son of founder/CEO Thomas Bozzuto) and his previous role as leader of their development division will be filled by Steve Strazzella. [CurbedInbox]

ONLINE—The real estate search engine Zillow announced to day that their rental database can now be accessed from iPads. The program comes with that nifty draw feature so you can designate the boundaries where it will search. [Zillow]