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How A Former Jazz Saloon Became A Luxury Clothing Store

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For a building built in 1899, that was most recently the jazz bar lounge Saloun, it cleaned itself up pretty good to become a clothing store. The massive renovation that brought GANT to M Street was overseen by the design firm CORE DC and they passed on some before and after pictures of the space so we could see the transformation. CORE added a glass storefront so it says 'hey, come buy our clothes' to the people walking by instead 'shh...there's silky jazz going on here'. The bright red exterior became a muted charcoal and the interior gained a few thousand watts of overhead lighting. They didn't dare touch the brick walls where previous jazz performers had signed their names so to balance out the harsher edges of hundred-year old brick the interior has warm color tones on the floor and fixtures. Click through the photos to see the drastic changes.

· GANT [Official Site]
· CORE DC [Official Site]

Photos from Abby Greenwalt and CORE DC


3239 M Street NW, Washington, DC 20007 202-625-1949