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Adams Morgan Going Windowless on Eight New Apartments

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The Adams Morgan litmus test is about to begin. A neighborhood that has long been one of the cooler places to call home is running out of space to put people. In fact, it ran out of space a long time ago and today's residents are squeezed into tiny units in exchange for the privilege of spending their free time looking for a parking space. Now the question is are they willing to do that for a home that doesn't have a window to look out of? That's the plan for eight of the thirty-nine apartments going into the dome above the Kalorama Harris Teeter. The architects figured out that they could fit units into the center of the building and get around the pesky preference for windows by adding skylights to each apartment (almost as novel as the car stacking idea). Now before the hipsters get all up in arms about this (say, when, there's a Snowmageddon and forty inches of snow cover the skylight for weeks on end), the building used to be a skating rink so the indie loft vibe isn't going anywhere. Developers expect to have the building complete by this spring so in just two months time it should be open to the public.

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Citadel Apartments

1631 Kalorama Road NW , Washington , D.C.