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A True Throne Room Can Be Yours In Arlington


There's a new build in the works near Glebe Road in Arlington and the developers have provided two dozen pictures of design ideas. When the listing first went live it included this regal picture for how to liven up the throne of the house but then it was quietly taken down without explanation. Luckily the internet has a long memory and a secret operative was able to unearth it for Curbed. Should you not want to perform one of life's rituals beneath a highly decorated canopy you don't have to. It's just an idea! As the listing says, "the possibilities are endless". The architect has even come up with a rendering of the exterior for the proposed 5 bed, 5 bath house (asking $1,399,000). Click through for the artist's impression.

· Listing: 4909 34TH St [Estately]