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Petitioning For Homebuyer's Credit; ANC Commish's HOA Fees

SOUTHWEST— Ron McBee sits on Ancillary Neighborhood Coalition 6D and he has been ordered to pay about $20K to his HOA for fees going back three years, plus the legal costs of the HOA. [DCist]

H STREET—Tomorrow's State of the Union address is cause for celebrating. Or at least getting together with other people to watch it. There's a SOTU watching party at Star & Shamrock (1341 H St. NE) that begins officially at 8pm, the speech begins at 9pm. [CurbedInbox]

DC—A petition is being circulated to try and get the $5k first time homebuyer's tax credit retroactively restored. They need 100,000 signatures by March 12, 2013. [CurbedInbox]