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Pre-Civil War Home On The Market For The Second Time Ever

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This home was built sometime around 1852 by a farmer named Archibald Merchant but he and his family fled during the Civil War when Northern soldiers advanced into the territory and took over homes, including this one, to house troops and store supplies. So technically Civil War soldiers lived here, but not because they were invited. Infiltrators aside, the home has only been owned by two different families in its 160 year history—Merchant's and the current owners who have been trying to sell it since 2011. They bought it in 1939 and made some major improvements—like adding running water and electricity—as well as a significant addition to expand it to 3,666 square feet. In front of the property is a partially-visible roadbed that local folklore says Confederate and Union troops used to transport supplies from the nearby grist mill and the son of Merchant told of seeing soldiers stealing hot pies that were cooling on the window sill. The 4 bed, 3.5 bath was originally listed for $6M but has just been re-listed for $4,995,000. It sits on over five acres of land, so there's plenty of room for that newfangled pool in the back.

· Listing: 1318 Rockland Terrace [LongandFoster]