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WaPo Ponders HQ Move; Rumors Of No Hot Water At The Aston

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14TH ST—The tipline buzzed this afternoon with the news that new owners moving into The Aston found they didn't have hot water and management knew about this but chose not to disclose it. Has anyone out there heard more about this? Let us know. [CurbedInbox]

15TH ST—New broke today that the Washington Post Company is considering moving its headquarters (a move they gave a heads up to the Mayor about), so some weighed in on what might happen to the building and others took to Twitter saying it could become "All The President's Condos". [WaPo; WCP; @jonathanmiller]

BALTIMORE—A home where F. Scott Fitzgerald lived for a number of years went on the market this week but might already be under contract. The open houses that were scheduled for this weekend have been cancelled. Either it was too much media attention or a buyer jumped at the chance. [previously; CurbedInbox]