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Here, Now: Photos of a $1.5 Million Chevy Chase Castle!

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Why should Virginia get all of the castle fun! There's now a castle gatehouse that just went on the market in Chevy Chase and at an ask of $1.5 million, it's much cheaper than its Fauquier County counterpart. The accompanying 30 room Scottish-inspired castle that rich early 20th century socialite Daisy Calhoun built for her third husband Clarence was razed when the family lost their money in the stock market crash. However, the remaining gatehouse, which still looks like it should either be in Disneyland or on an episode of Ghost Hunters is still rather impressive and palatial. Now called Rossdhu Gate, the gatehouse has a gorgeous moss-covered fountain in the garden, gargoyles on the exterior, arched doorways and walls covered in armor and crests. Too bad the ornate piano and decorative dragons don't come with the massive three bedroom home. Check out all of the photos in the gallery above.
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