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A Butterfly Theme Emerges From New Merriweather Park Plans

[Renderings from Inner Arbor Trust]

Merriweather Post Pavilion's giant rooster sculpture will no longer be the only representative of the animal kingdom within the amphitheater grounds. In fact, every stage of the butterfly life cycle will represented throughout the Symphony Woods according to the new renderings from non-profit Inner Arbor Trust. Merriweather Post Pavilion has had no shortage of accolades for both its design (by Frank Gehry) and its history of storied performances. However, this venue in the woods might be due for some updates after forty-six years. These updates include a grassy and colorful steel tube replacing the chain-link fence (the caterpillar), a smaller amphitheater (the chrysalis) and an observation area with a snack bar and gallery (the butterfly). There are also plans to expand their system of pathways, install a maze and create a new picnic area. Check out the renderings above.
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