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Will the New AAMC Building Be D.C.'s Ugliest in the Future?

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Is the new Association of American Medical Colleges building on its way to becoming one of the District's ugliest buildings? If the picks made by the three experts in this Washington Business Journal article is any indication, it very well could be. There are a few predictable choices amongst the dirty dozen: the Toilet Bowl building in Vienna is just a joke and L'Enfant Plaza does look pretty depressing. There are also a few repeat offenders; the Department of Energy is a repeat offender and the connected glass monstrosities of Techworld at 800K and 801 Eye Street got mentions from two of the three people asked.

That said, two of the most telling picks are the Mexican Embassy and 2000 Penn. These are both examples of larger buildings rising up but still trying to incorporate the older and smaller structures on the facade. The Mexican Embassy in particular fails horrifically at this task and right now the future AAMC building looks no better. There is hope: the decrepit row homes will be restored and used for retail and City Market at O has recently done a great job incorporating the old structure used by the former O Street Market. Stay tuned to this space.
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