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This Dupont Condo Might Literally Contain Fifty Shades of Gray

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The current owner of this renovated Dupont condo has really displayed their dedication to a monochromatic palette. Everything inside this 1,095 square foot space is a different shade of gray. The bedspreads, chairs, rugs and accents all fall on the gray scale. There are even black & white (and therefore, gray) photographs on the walls. Even after removing the charcoal-colored furniture and artwork, there's gray on everything from the cabinets to the walls to the tiles in the (rather luxe-looking) bathroom. It's even possible to see the gray and rainy day outside, which is helpful for the sake of continuity. Let's hope that whoever moves into the $985K condo doesn't need but so much color in their life.
· 1700 Q Street NW Unit 2 [Estately]