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Poll: What's Your Favorite Museum That Still Hasn't Arrived?

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Excepting that dark government shutdown period this fall, it's been a good year to get excited about the city's museums. David Adjaye's iridescent bronze basket that will be the National Museum of African American History and Culture is under construction on the National Mall's last remaining open space. Plans for a pop-up Museum of Science Fiction (followed by a more permanent museum) have been formulated. Finally, another resolution (with over a dozen co-signers) has been introduced in Congress to commission a study to create a National Museum of the American People. Which upcoming museum (or potential upcoming museum) has you the most excited? See a brief overview of all three and take our poll after the jump.

National Museum of African American History and Culture:
This is probably the most fleshed out of the three museums and it's the only one currently under construction. In fact, the first artifacts have already been installed in this work-in-progress. Starchitect David Adjaye designed the shimmery exterior and some of the exhibits are actually already on display at the National Museum of American History.

Museum of Science Fiction:
If this museum highlighting the history and future possibilities of science fiction gets the proper funding, its pop-up incarnation will be the first of the three to see the light of day. Right now that's looking like a potentially big "if." Although there are already promises of dedicated artifacts and artwork, the museum is light years away from its crowdfunding goal which it's trying to reach within the next six days.

National Museum of the American People:
This museum is the brainchild of Sam Eskenazi, the former communications director of the Holocaust Museum. Also, it has an extremely cool swooping design, a vision in four chapters of American history and an ideal location at Banneker Park by L'Enfant Plaza. It doesn't quite have the Congressional support it needs yet for its very expensive commission study. Some people have deemed it the coolest unbuilt museum and to potential naysayers Eskenazi assures that this museum has a unique purpose. "It will tell the dramatic and compelling immigration and migration story of every ethnic, nationality and minority group that came to become Americans from the prehistoric period through today," he states.

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National Museum of African American History and Culture

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