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Is This $8.5M Kalorama Home Trying to Copy the White House?

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A fair question of a house that's being advertised as "Your own White House in Kalorama," is whether they are in fact trying to mimic the presidential abode. There's no oval-shaped office, no enormous vegetable garden and no in-home movie theatre in this ~9000 square foot manse making it look like the primarily white color scheme is the only thing the two buildings share. That said, the $8.5 million dollar home certainly has its fair share of luxurious touches. For starters, if the serpentine stairway looks too, there's an option to take the elevator. There are seven bedrooms and two of them get to share the title of master bedroom. Outdoors there's a landscaped garden, a pool and a spacious cabana. It may not quite be presidential, but it looks palatial. Check out the gallery for more photos.
· 2425 Tracy Place NW [Washington Fine Properties]