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Curbed Cup Final: (3) Brookland vs. (9) Navy Yard

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It's time. It's the matchup you've all been waiting for. After two weeks of voting, we've reached our 2013 Curbed Cup Final. For this special matchup only, we're tripling the voting hours. You've got until 11:00 a.m. on January 2nd to get your votes in for this one. We'll announce the winner of the illustrious fake trophy at noon. Now, let's see how our competing neighborhoods got here and get to our final round of voting.

Brookland has had quite the banner year in 2013. On the strength of some exciting restaurant openings and announcements, they took down 2011 champion Capitol Hill in the first round. The promise and progress on some new watering holes from owners of some Northwest staples allowed them to easily take down U Street in the second round. Finally, the strength of their growing artistic community helped them to ultimately win a prolonged semifinal match over 2012 Curbed Cup champion (and formidable voting contingent) Anacostia.

Navy Yard has apparently had the slightly easier road to the championship matchup as they've a) faced no former Curbed Cup champions and b) just been steamrolling everybody. In fact their most difficult matchup may have been their first round bout against Shaw, who also came out in large numbers. Still, their 2013 Vision Award and inspired art installation helped them move on to round two. There, they had no problem taking out the top seeded Atlas District. It seems their Whole Foods announcement just garnered more excitement. In the semifinals, they had no problem squashing NoMa off the strength of three impressive restaurant openings and a food truck extravaganza.

These two neighborhoods have proven themselves to have the strongest voting contingents. The winner of this round wins Neighborhood of the Year!

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