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Height Act Debate Heats Up at Congressional Hearing

Yesterday, the opposing Height Act recommendations from the National Capital Planning Commission, D.C. Office of Planning and now the City Council were greeted at a Congressional Hearing with a hearty dose of confusion. Both the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee chairman, Representative Darrell Issa and the Office of Planning director Harriet Tregoning reacted with shock that the D.C. Council would actively reject self-governance on anything, in this case, the ability to change building heights outside of L'Enfant City. Said Issa, "I did not expect to hear for the first time ever, Don't give me authority; I can't be trusted." On the flip side, Mendelson was shocked to hear that the Height Act is suddenly being displayed as a Home Rule issue. As reported by Washington City Paper, Mendelson states in his defense, "Citizens don't trust the government." One thing is for sure, Representative Issa said that this debate is not over.
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